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Stunning Turn Of Events Reveals Discovery Lithium’s Excellent Potential For Market Superstardom

The hottest investment megatrend of the century just got hotter. In fact, what’s unfolding in northern Quebec today could be the world’s best lithium opportunity – ever. A bold statement, yes.

But you might fall off your chair in shock when you see the legendary billionaires who are exploring for lithium side-by-side with an upstart called Discovery Lithium (CSE:DCLI, OTC:DCLIF).

Penny Stock Upstart Challenges Bezos, Gates, Ma, and Branson For Lithium Supremacy

Legendary explorer leads company into battle against global billionaire elites

It seems like the rich guys always keep the best deals for themselves with their IPOs and private real estate deals.

But a small company, advised by a world-famous minerals explorer named Shawn Ryan, looks set to upend the elites’ private world order.

In the process, he has created what could be a lithium-sector opportunity of mind-boggling proportions.

That’s because everyday investors can buy shares in Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF). And, do it today while it sits at an affordable price.

That’s unlike privately held Kobold Metals, its neighbor in Nunavik, Quebec. Kobold is owned in part by the world’s third richest man, Jeff Bezos, the sixth richest man, Bill Gates, along with Jack Ma, and Richard Branson.

These men are used to being right.

But their lifelong winning streaks are just a secondary reason to take a close look at Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF).

That’s because, when it comes to lithium, Shawn Ryan could be the smartest man in Nunavik.

And that’s saying a lot because…

It’s Not Only Billionaires Against Upstart… It’s Human Versus AI… And Discovery’s Human Looks To Be Winning

While Bezos, Gates, and their pals would seem to have all the advantages, it’s Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) that could have the best property.

The rich guys used AI to make a guess where lithium might be found in Nunavik. But we think Kobold could be a bit too far north.

That’s unlike Discovery Lithium. It looks, to us, as if Shawn Ryan has led it to one of Nunavik’s lithium sweet spots at Vaubert Lake.

Which is not based on a guess, like AI made.

Ryan’s work is based on hard cold facts – lakebed samples that were taken between 1978 and 1997 as part of the government’s mapping of Quebec’s geochemical resources.

The samples reveal the minerals left behind as long as 10,000 years ago as Ice Age glaciers receded to the Arctic.

After pouring through data contained in nearly 140,000 samples, Ryan staked claims for Discovery Lithium where the samples indicated a range for lithium concentrations that were in top 99% to 100% of all lakebed samples.

This is important because the samples are an indication of the geology that surrounds the lake, where lithium is found in pegmatite rock.

In fact, if you look at this map, you’ll see Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) has another huge property in Nunavik at Serindac Lake, with a similar geologic composition.

Discovery’s Serindac Lake project is on this map, too. The Discovery Lithium Projects In Nunavik Are On Virgin Territory, But Where Shawn Ryan Explores, Trends Seem To Explode

Today, we’re waiting results of exploration done this fall by Ryan and his Ground Truth Exploration team.

Usually, the summer’s exploration results would be in and reported, but the famous Canadian wildfires, that affected the U.S. with smoke for most of the summer, delayed exploration into the fall.

Despite the late start, though, Ryan and his team deployed modern-day tools such as drone-flown 3D imaging, and a high-tech rotatory air blast drill that allows them to explore multiple targets each day.

But as we wait, investors should ponder Shawn Ryan’s brilliant track record.

It’s another reason to be high on Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF).

In fact, Ryan is so accomplished that The New York Times magazine – the elitists’ Sunday must-read – wrote a huge 6,500-word feature story about his mining prowess.

That’s because his remarkable skillset led to the discovery of millions of ounces of gold.

Along with his own mines, Ryan’s discoveries are now legendary.

The Newmont Coffee project could hold nearly 2-million ounces of gold, and White Gold’s Golden Saddle & Arc, is said to hold at least 1-million ounces.

Combined, the two are worth $6 billion – at least.

And he’s credited with setting off a new Klondike Gold Rush.

Those compelling facts support the idea that where Shawn Ryan goes natural resource investors should follow.


The Demand For Lithium Is Going To Be An Epic Megatrend

“We’ll hit the first million [metric tons] of demand within the next few years,” said Cameron Perks, a lithium expert with Benchmark Minerals Intelligence. “And then thereafter every few years adding another 1 million [metric tons]… every few years, which is staggering.”

It May Be An Out-Of-The-Way Place, And New To Lithium Investors, But Jeff Bezos And Bill Gates Are Not In Nunavik To Lose…

Ultimately, minerals exploration is a speculative undertaking – as such, investing in companies like Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is pure speculation.

But men like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Jack Ma are not known speculators. Their company is up the road from Discovery Lithium for a reason.

That reason is the potential for success.

And it is reasoning that’s driven by the reality that lithium-ion batteries are vital to the transition to modern, clean technologies, such as electric vehicles.

The enormousness of that reality looks destined to fuel a painful shortage in the lithium supply chain.

As with a recent supply crunch, abundant demand and tight supply spiked lithium’s price past $80,000 a metric ton.

The forecast is that a new shortage crisis is forming now as this chart suggests.

Discovery’s Route Du Nord Has The Potential To Feed The Supply Chain

In the short term, the looming lithium demand is set to explode from the 964,000-metric-tons mined in 2022, to the need for as much as 1.5 million metric tons by 2025 – just a year from now.

Longer-term, the numbers are even more staggering.

Lithium miner Albemarle forecasts that by 2030 demand for lithium will soar to 3.7 million metric tons a year. That’s a 5X jump in demand.

And that’s why Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) could be a vital cog driving the future.

That’s because, along with its two potentially lithium-rich Nunavik properties, Discovery Lithium has an outstanding property much farther south, down in Quebec’s James Bay region.

Known as the Route du Nord project, it is 23-square-miles huge in the heart of what is one of the world’s top new lithium districts.

Patriot Battery Metals is located in James Bay north of Discovery Lithium.
Since January 2022, Patriot seen its share price soar 1,988%.

Discovery Lithium Could Be A Vital Part Of James Bay’s Rich Future

To show you how fertile the James Bay lithium district is, consider this:

  • In June 2023, Rio Tinto paid $65 million to gain 50% of Midland Exploration’s action in James Bay. Midland, like Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is a junior explorer, which is true of most Quebec lithium explorers.
  • In August, fellow mining giant Albemarle bought 4.9% of Patriot Battery Metals for $82.6 million… $11.50 a share.
  • In early 2023, another James Bay company, Galaxy Lithium, won federal approval to build an open pit mine and concentrator facility. Galaxy is expected to produce an average of 5,480 metric tons of ore per day over a mine life of 15 to 20 years.
  • Allkem is a player in James Bay, too. It estimates its James Bay mines could yield 321,000 metric tons over 19 years, for a net present value of $1.4 billion.
  • Then there’s Quebec-based Nemaska Lithium. In May 2023, it signed an 11-year deal to supply a maximum of 13,000 metric tons of lithium a year to Ford for the automaker’s EV batteries. The lithium will come from Nemaska’s Whabouchi mine in James Bay.

The Whabouchi is one of the largest high-purity hard rock lithium deposits in North America and Europe.

The mine has an expected life of 33 years during which it’s forecast to generate at least $20.25 billion in income.

That number is based on The Whabouchi’s proven and probable open-pit mining reserves of 27.9 million metric tons at 1.33% recoverable. There are also 8.7 million metric tons of underground reserves.

Here’s why The Whabouchi could be important to investors in Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF).

Like A Mighty River, The Whabouchi Could Flow Directly Into Discovery Lithium’s Route Du Nord Property

Discovery says its Route Du Nord deposit occurs within a thrust fault that acted as a pathway for lithium pegmatite melt at The Whabouchi lithium project. It may host other pegmatites along strike.

Best of all, the Route Du Nord project captures the continuation of the thrust fault making it highly prospective for lithium pegmatites.

In other words, could Route Du Nord hold another huge hard-rock lithium deposit?

The answer today is that, as with Nunavik, Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is a new company with new projects.

It is just set to dig into Route Du Nord.

Still, that’s a huge advantage for experienced natural resource traders because it means that Discovery Lithium is still flying low on most radars.

But one of Shawn Ryan’s GroundTruth Exploration teams spent 10 days in early November sampling the property and prospecting for lithium.

That suggests that this never-before-explored property; in a hot lithium district such as James Bay, could have Discovery Lithium’s full attention with the start of a full-throttle exploration program in just a few short months come spring.

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8 Intriguing Reasons To Put Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) On Your Investment Radar Now

arrow right
This legendary mineral prospector is leading Discovery Lithium’s efforts in Nunavik, Quebec.
arrow right
Discovery Lithium (CSE:DCLI, OTC:DCLIF) is one of the early explorers in Nunavik, led there by the same database some of the world’s top lithium miners; such as Allkem and Livent used to find their new mines south of Nunavik in central Quebec.
arrow right
Discovery Lithium is the very first to explore for lithium on its 634-square miles of Nunavik. That means investors could position themselves with a rare opportunity to rush out of the starting gate alongside company executives and investment bankers.
arrow right
While Nunavik is underexplored Discovery Lithium’s Route Du Nord project is in the high-priced James Bay neighborhood where huge miners are investing millions of dollars to own a piece of junior explorers like Discovery Lithium.
arrow right
Because demand for lithium is so heavy, and future demand forecast to be heavier yet, a metric ton of lithium sold for as high as $80,000 last year. Even at today’s lower price, the math is staggering, when you consider it only costs about $7,000 to mine a ton of hard rock lithium.
arrow right
If the average EV battery size stays constant, the world will need as many as 2 million metric tons of lithium per year over the next decade. New mines will be the key to success.
arrow right
The importance of a Bill Gates- and Jeff Bezos-funded company exploring Nunavik near Discovery Lithium should focus attention on the brand-new lithium district where the two companies are among the very first to explore there.
arrow right
We’ve already seen Livent pay $10.5 billion for Allkem, now Rio Tinto CEO Jakob Stausholm says he’s focused on small, bolt-on acquisitions to shape its portfolio. Rio is looking at a number of potential lithium acquisitions. In fact, Rio Tinto bought 50% of Midland Exploration in James Bay, which found its lithium using the exact same database Shawn Ryan used.

The World Is Beginning To Focus On Quebec And Its Junior Lithium Explorers

One of the more interesting ideas fueling investments in Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is that Quebec is just beginning to establish itself as a major lithium deposit.

Suddenly this is lithium exploration’s red-hot destination with at least 199 projects underway.

That means Quebec has more than twice as many lithium projects as Nevada, with 82. Yet Nevada is the focus of current lithium industry buzz.

We think that’s about to change.

Today, investors have an edge in taking an early interest in Quebec before the spotlight turns to it.

Also, Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) and its competitors in Quebec are in the traditional hard-rock lithium business.

It’s a proven mining method, which is very unlike Nevada where the excitement is centered on lithium claystone… which has yet to find a proven, economical processing method.

The best thing about hard rock lithium is it’s there for the taking.

With hard rock there’s no need to wait years for the sun to evaporate lithium brine… no need to pray science experiments finally come up with methods of mining lithium clays.

Hard rock is what made fortunes for famous companies such as Livent, Albemarle, and Pilbara Minerals.

Hard Rock is what will build Quebec’s mining fortunes… just ask Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos, or for that matter, ask Shawn Ryan.

Lithium Has The Look Of A Tremendous Long-Term Play

The lithium-ion-battery powered clean energy revolution has the making of a long-term bull market.

Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is positioned to be part of the stampede.

In fact, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence stated the opportunity clearly for you.

Its analysts said, “at least 384 new mines for graphite, lithium, nickel, and cobalt are required by 2035 to meet the demand for electric vehicle and energy storage batteries…

“And the demand for lithium-ion batteries is set to grow six-fold by 2032.”

Lithium-Ion Batteries Are The Key To Modern-Day Life

But it’s lithium-ion batteries for EVs that will be the biggest driver of global lithium demand.

Today, that demand is starting to accelerate.

Automakers expect EV sales to increase from 3 million new cars in 2020 to 40 million new EVs by 2030.

To enable this growth, the lithium industry needs to produce 10 times more lithium in less than 10 years.

Globally, the battery industry needs to invest at least $514 billion across the whole supply chain to meet expected demand in 2030, and $920 billion by 2035, according to Benchmark analysts.

Reuters agreed when it reported that, “global automakers are planning to spend more than half a trillion dollars on electric vehicles and batteries through 2030.

In all, demand for lithium-ion batteries is forecast to grow to 3.7 terawatt-hours by 2030, up from around 1 TWh this year.

Again, the majority of that will be driven by an ever-increasing demand for electric vehicles.

That demand could grow annually by 25% to 26% and create a need for 3.3 million to 3.8 million metric tons of lithium.

Think of it, the average electric car uses more than 5,000 times the lithium of a smartphone.

An EV that can travel farther because of a denser battery that uses as much lithium as is in 10,000 smartphones.

Or, in the words of analysts at the GlobalX Lithium & Battery Tech ETF… “Therefore, growth of the electric car market will have a profound impact on total lithium demand.”

The Future Is Big, Utility Grade Lithium-Ion Batteries

But that half a trillion dollars for batteries is just a fraction of the estimated $35 trillion needed to fund a global energy transition by 2030, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

This includes spending on renewables such as wind and solar for the grid.
The importance of solar and wind is amplified when the energy they create can be stored in giant lithium-ion utility size batteries that can release energy into the grid as needed.

As of July 2023, the U.S. had 10.6 gigawatts of battery storage nationwide. It plans to add another 20GW by 2025.

That represents another 170 metric tons of lithium demand.

What does all this new demand rest upon if not for companies like Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF), which are aggressively exploring for lithium.

“The energy transition is still in its early stages and massive capital deployment is going to be needed in order to meet the goals of industry and policy makers,” said Andrew Miller, Benchmark’s chief operating officer.

“Batteries are the platform technology for clean energy goals.”

Benchmark’s view is that lithium, more than any other part of the supply chain, will be the bottleneck for the growth of the big storage battery industry.

Even The Dinosaurs Don’t Want To Miss Out On The Lithium Megatrend

One of the most shocking aspects of the lithium battery revolution is who doesn’t want to get left behind.

It’s the petroleum dinosaurs like ExxonMobil, Shell, and BP.

BP, the multinational oil and gas company, invested $20 million in an ultra-fast-charging battery start-up company StoreDot. Then, it made a $1 billion investment in the United Kingdom’s EV charging infrastructure.

ExxonMobil has developed products to support EVs with its new MovilEV grease that allows EVs to travel further between charges.

Shell’s public charging network, Shell Recharge, has an ambitious goal. Install 500,000 charging point stations across the globe by 2025. It plans to locate them at supermarkets, street-charging points, and EV hubs.

In short, last-century’s dinosaurs are rushing headlong into the lithium-ion battery future.

Discovery Lithium (CSE:DCLI, OTC:DCLIF) Is A Classic High Risk/Reward Junior Explorer Play

Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) is a straightforward easy-to-understand opportunity.

Because it has just started to explore the 634-sqaure miles it controls in Nunavik, along with its large James Bay property.

That makes Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) a pure speculation –a gamble that Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos… and yes, world-renowned explorer Shawn Ryan… are right.

If you have a taste for that kind of risk… and if you can see the future, too…

Then now could be the right time to call your broker, or talk to an investment adviser, and have them dig into why Discovery Lithium (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF) could be one of the year’s most lucrative lithium plays.

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