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Junior Explorer’s Unique Discovery Reveals A New Lithium Hotspot

In the tundra of northern Quebec, where none had searched until recently, the largest lithium deposit in the Americas was just found.

The market cap of the company behind that discovery shot up over 100x on the news. Early-entry Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) believes they’ve found a nearby formation that could be just as large, and just as valuable.

On an icy terrain in northern Quebec, the world’s most famous gold prospector, Shawn Ryan, whispered “Wow.”

He had just found it — the telltale signs of a large mineral deposit.

He feels just as giddy every time — every major find feels fresh.

Only this time, he wasn’t looking for gold. Ryan was looking for a metal likely to be even more lucrative over the coming years: lithium.

Using a combination of old-fashioned prospecting with cutting-edge tech — some of the gear invented by himself — Ryan believes he’s found one of the most promising potential lithium formations in the world.

He believes this field could someday rival anything found in South America or Australia.

Initial surveys have been promising. Majors like Rio Tinto, a $100 billion miner, are moving into the James Bay area of northern Quebec right now.

They know that when the man responsible for the second Yukon Gold Rush finds something interesting, it’s worth following up.

Combined with major initial finds in similar nearby geology — Rio Tinto is investing up to $65.5 million into local partnerships.

However, the majors are not the first movers in the icy north of Quebec — near James Bay, in Nunavik, where this lithium rush is kicking off.

That distinction belongs to a few small exploration companies that arrived early.

Establishing A New Lithium Capital In North America

Patriot Battery Metals, holds the rights to the largest lithium pegmatite formation in the Americas, just south of Ryan’s discovery. 

Since finding that deposit, Patriot Battery Metals market cap increased from around $10 million to over $800 million currently.  In fact, investors that purchased shares in February of 2022 at around $0.50 saw their investment grow to over $17.50 in the following 12 months.  That’s a 35 fold increase in a year.

But that formation is only the tip of the iceberg. This area has never been seriously explored for lithium, or for most metals.

It is known for nickel, with Glencore’s Raglan nickel mine nearby — along with the infrastructure a mine needs.

With that infrastructure in place, even a modest find of lithium would prove profitable.

But we’re not talking about what is likely to be a modest find.

Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) has found a formation in northern Quebec that is showing extreme promise.

The geology is ideal. The potential, exponential.

This could easily be a discovery that could rival, or surpass, the one recently announced by Patriot Battery Metals. (We will go into more detail below.)

These are very early days. There are no guarantees that the promise of a large lithium-rich formation will bear fruit.

But if you are interested in the chance to get in on one of the greatest potential lithium finds today, you first must understand why this geology is so exciting.

That starts with the man responsible for finding it.

A Living Legend in Canadian Mining

Shawn Ryan has always seen the world from a different point of view.

Long before Ryan drilled his first sample, he revolutionized the mushroom foraging world.

Morels are some of the most coveted mushrooms in the culinary realm — second perhaps only to truffles.

And like truffles, morels have always been hard to cultivate, and hard to find.

But not for Ryan.

He studied publicly-available data about all sorts of stats.

Things like recent rainfall, forest fire frequencies and heat intensities, frost patterns – along with dozens and dozens of other data points that no one had ever thought to put together before.

Soon, Ryan had made a science of finding morels.

His research proved successful, guiding him to the exact spot where they would grow, at the exact right time…

Where he would harvest a year’s worth of mushrooms in a few hours.

Mushroom foraging has never been the same — he revolutionized the field.

That’s when he turned his eye to prospecting, a field he has revolutionized as well, if not better.

The Making Of An Energy Metals Unicorn

Ryan knew that he could find patterns where others couldn’t. And that’s just what he did in the Yukon.

The Yukon was long thought to be an exhausted area…

But Ryan saw something else in the data.

He bought land in the area, and started surveying the largely uncharted geology.

He looked for signs and patterns, that would lead him to precious metal caches.

It’s a common enough story.

What’s not common is how successful Ryan was.

When he started finding gold, he’d take his earnings and buy more land.

He did that over and over again, eventually earning him the nickname “Double Down”.

Once he’d found enough gold to bring majors into the area and kick off a new gold rush, Popular Mechanics called him:

“The World’s Greatest Gold Prospector”

Popular Mechanics

But Ryan has been to the top of the gold mountain.

Back in 2018, speaking with Popular Mechanics, he could gesture to the million-acre gold field he’d found and declare it likely held 5 million ounces — worth $6.8 billion at the time.

Today, Ryan is looking for his next challenge.

And today, there is no greater challenge than finding enough lithium to keep up with the global appetite.

Stock Information
Discovery Lithium Inc.
Sector: Lithium Exploration
Investor Presentation
Open New Acccount:

Reasons to Consider An Investment in Discovery Lithium

arrow right
Reason No.1: The lithium market is red-hot. Overall demand is expected to grow five-fold by 2030.

arrow right
Reason No.2: There have not been any major lithium finds recently…except in northern Quebec. The world needs more supply, and Quebec is perhaps the best place to find it.
arrow right
Reason No.3: Four of the ten largest hard-rock lithium finds in the Americas are in northern Quebec. Even though the mineral-rich area is largely unexplored virgin territory.

arrow right
Reason No.4: Shawn Ryan, the “World’s Best Prospector,” has used his skills to pinpoint this brand new district in one of the world’s most friendliest mining jurisdictions, Quebec, for lithium-bearing deposits. Just as he revolutionized how to look for gold… today he’s doing the same for lithium.
arrow right
Reason No.5: Discovery Lithium has 100,000+ hectares that contain Ryan’s top 2% of samples. Of the 140,000 lake sediment samples taken all over Quebec, Discovery’s property bears the highest lithium value amongst them.
arrow right
Reason No.6: Discovery’s stakes are near good infrastructure. The jurisdiction is friendly to mining as well.

arrow right
Reason No.7: When Patriot Battery Metals announced their large pegmatite find — the largest in the Americas — the market cap went from $10 million to $1.2 billion. The same is possible if Discovery finds a similar formation.

arrow right
Reason No.8: Discovery has multiple bites at the apple. With multiple sites — each of which could contain a Patriot-Metal-sized lithium field — success at any site historically would foretell the value of Discovery Lithium (CSE:DCLI) (OTC:DCLIF) increasing by many multiples.

Exploring The Hidden Lithium Field in Canada’s Frozen Tundra

One of Shawn Ryan’s key insights was looking for gold where others hadn’t.

While others looked for rich veins, he was looking for gold sediment.

That basically means gold remnants mixed in with debris, dirt, and rock.

Ryan became extremely good at locating these kinds of overlooked deposits.

In fact, most of his early finds were from gold found in sediment.

Now you may be wondering why that’s important?

And what that has to do with Ryan’s new lithium venture?

The story is actually quite surprising…

You see, pegmatites are one of the best places to find lithium deposits.

It is a precursor that shows you the right area to look for lithium-bearing pegmatite bodies.

And not only is Ryan an expert at finding mineral deposits from his days as a gold prospector…

But Ryan was also able to bring his unorthodox approach to exploring those deposits and find clues that others had missed.

In fact, since Ryan’s insight, majors in the region are now exploring lake sediments for deposits, similar to what Ryan believes he’s found. 

But before he kicked off this new lithium rush and the majors arrived, Ryan picked the juiciest slices for himself…

In northern Quebec… Where there have been many lithium-bearing pegmatites through the eons…  

Many of them filled with lithium from volcanic activity or other major geologic events long ago.

Heading into his search, Ryan knew that four of the largest lithium finds in the Americas were all in this area of northern Quebec.

And, the icing on the cake?

This part of the world has historically been extremely rich in metals whenever anyone has gone looking… but hardly anyone has looked.

New Technologies Allow Access to Unexplored Territories

The flat, desert-like nature of the tundra makes it easy to spot outcroppings.

Outcroppings are the ends and edges of formations that are likely to contain battery minerals.

And in this part of Canada, many outcroppings are at or near the surface.

By contrast, the southern part of Quebec may be just as plentiful with lithium – but it’s covered with swampland that makes exploration difficult.

Even though the area has had geological surveys done…

There has been hardly any mineral exploration.

This is partially because the terrain is so cold, unforgiving, and difficult to work in.

But one technological shift is making this part of Quebec the best new hunting ground for lithium.

All of that changed with the introduction of drones, which can also use lidar, radar, and electromagnetic readings to search for lithium deposits.

What was once an impediment has now become an asset.

With drones readily available, inexpensive, and easy to operate, Ryan was able to survey what was once a punishing environment from afar.

Where Ryan found the most promising formations, he went into partnership with Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) to develop the full survey.

One Of The Most Impressive Projects We’ve Seen So Far

Discovery Lithium is an early-stage exploration company that has followed Shawn Ryan to the James Bay region.

So far the Government of Quebec has taken about 140,000 initial samples in areas that showed the highest-probability signs of formations.

Of those, Shawn selected the top 2% of samples… and brought them to Discovery.

Today, Discovery owns 100,000+ hectares of the best prospective sites in northern Quebec.

The northern holdings are near Glencore’s Raglan Mine.

That means mining and transportation infrastructure are in place — including tidal ports.

Having that infrastructure at the ready creates a huge savings for any future mines.

The southern holdings are closer to the road network, which any ore could use to enter the market.

Discovery Lithium has already taken its first samples, with results expected this fall.

To top up their 7-figure cash pile, the company recently secured financing through a government-supported structure that requires them to spend a minimum of $2 million in exploration within a 12-month period.

The company is well-financed, with everything in place to fully explore and define these stakes in Quebec.

While the company expects to find lithium, lake sediment can always surprise.

There may be other battery metals in the ground. 

Whatever lies in the ground, Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) is now in position to discover it.

  • The financing is in place.
  • The runway is secure.
  • The team has experience developing projects just like this.
  • Add in Shawn Ryan’s background…
  • The $65.5 million vote of confidence from Rio Tinto, which is looking to northern Quebec for its next lithium projects, after its success in Argentina…
  • And fellow mining giant Albemarle buying into the Patriot Battery Metals find to a tune of $82.6 million

It’s clear that the mining world is turning its attention and resources to Quebec for future lithium finds.

In mining, there are no guarantees until the ore is out of the ground.

But the biggest wins come when finds are first announced.

Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) is in position to announce potential market-defining results over the next 12-18 months.

If that happens, those who get in today could see returns similar to the returns enjoyed by early investors in Patriot Battery Metals, who saw their share price go from $0.53 – $17.70 during a period of discovery spanning just over a year.

Especially as lithium prices rise to new heights on the anticipated domestic supply crunch.

How Lithium Became the Most Important Metal in the World

Lithium Market GrowthCAGR 19.57% 2023-2028
Lithium-Ion Battery Demand Growth27% annually through 2030
Overall Lithium Demand5-fold growth by 2030

Here’s an interesting fact.

While the lithium supply chain is a national priority, the U.S. has only mined about 1 percent of the world’s lithium.

  • The majority, more than 90%, is mined in Australia, Chile, Argentina, and China.
  • For decades, the only lithium that trickled out of the U.S. came from Albemarle’s small Nevada mine.
  • And rumor is that its lithium is dedicated to national security and defense.

But the drive to electrify vehicles is only accelerating.

And the largest customers for lithium are now waking up.

About 22 pounds of lithium – 10kg – is at the heart of an average EV battery pack.

By 2030, just seven years from now, forecasts suggest there will be at least 26.4 million EVs on U.S. roads.

Over the same seven years, the expectation is that there will be 350 million EVs on the road worldwide.

The world will need 7.7 billion pounds lithium, or 3.49 million metric tons to meet that demand.

Just by itself, that equates to over 90% of lithium supply by the time the lithium sector is even mature.

But the EV industry isn’t alone. Many US companies need lithium to create their products.

Without lithium, Apple — the largest company by market cap in the world — would crash.

The world is rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels — which means greater reliance on electricity carried in batteries.

That includes EVs, of course — but also renewable power that stores energy for when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

And lithium is becoming of greater strategic importance for the military:

  • It can be found in everything from small drones…
  • to the power packs of augmentation systems like advanced vision goggles…
  • to the communications systems embedded in helmets.

By 2040, global demand for lithium is expected to grow 4,000% from today.

That’s a far cry from today’s demand for 500,000 metric tons.

Now consider that even current demand has pushed the price of lithium up nearly 15x in the past two years — from just over $5,000/ton, to as high as $80,000/ton.

As demand passes supply, expect the price of lithium to shoot up at a pace that dwarfs what we’ve seen to date.

And, with the average lithium mine taking 4-10 years from discovery to production, U.S. and Canadian governments are feeling the pressure to move quickly to shore up their supply chain.

Inflation Reduction Act Sets Up North American Lithium Mining Boom

With this kind of shortfall expected, the United States is committing hundreds of billions of dollars to its energy security and clean economy.

As a result, grants are being made available to companies willing to advance domestic exploration and production.

The Department of Energy recently gave Albemarle nearly $30 million to expand lithium production at their Silver Peak project.

That investment will eventually lead to doubling output.

But the biggest subsidy to date comes inside the Inflation Reduction Act, or the IRA for short.

It stipulates that every EV sold in the US is eligible for a $10,000 tax rebate.

That’s provided that the lithium and other important metals in it are sourced from the US, Canada, or a close ally.

Car manufacturers balked at this provision — because it currently can’t be fulfilled.

The US doesn’t have the capacity to produce enough lithium for demand.

That’s the point.

This part of the act is designed to accelerate adoption of EVs… and development of domestic lithium supply.

That’s why Canada is at the top of the U.S. government’s list when it comes to developing partnerships.

A joint statement from the US-Canada summit back in March claims:

Canada is moving forward with an enhanced plan to support a clean economy future, including with a new investment tax credit for clean technology manufacturing. 

As these plans develop, the United States and Canada will work together toward an integrated North American approach that benefits U.S. and Canadian workers, suppliers, and products.

The United States military has been quietly soliciting applications for Canadian mining projects that want American public funding.

And as a result of this collaboration, Canadian companies have access to millions of dollars to be invested in “critical” projects.

In addition to the US military funding Canadian energy metal mining companies, the Québec government has revealed that it is in talks with Tesla about the automaker investing in the province.

A representative for Pierre Fitzgibbon, Québec’s economy minister, confirmed that the official met with Tesla executives in California recently, to discuss Quebec’s place in Tesla’s supply chain.

Tesla may have been the first to hint at this sort of arrangement, but they are not alone.

Automakers Compete For Deals That Secure Future Supply

It’s no longer news that automakers are planning to spend more than half a trillion dollars on electric vehicles and batteries through 2030.

What has changed is that carmakers are now making direct deals with miners.

“Tesla is the industry frontrunner in securing battery raw materials but some incumbent automakers, frustrated by supply chain disruption, have recently stepped up their own efforts to secure resources by going directly to producers.”

The Financial Times

Ioneer Ltd’s world class Rhyolite Ridge project has been making headlines since last year, when Toyota announced a joint battery venture with Panasonic Corp. to purchase 4,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year for a total of five years.

GM is dedicating $650 million to secure lithium supply, with an investment in Lithium America’s Thacker Pass project in Nevada.

Ford has gone as far as to say it will finance and develop a lithium mine.

“It tells you how desperate they are for lithium units — they are willing to do deals with companies that have no production”

Chris Berry, president of Mountain House Partners

This shift puts companies like Toyota, GM and Ford at the top of the list when it comes to potential clients.

And offers companies like Discovery Lithium the opportunity to establish lucrative contracts with automakers long before production even begins.

All this leads to Discovery Lithium Inc. (CSE: DCLI, OTC: DCLIF, FRA: Q3Q0, WKN: A3EFKA) being a high-risk/high-reward opportunity with good exposure to one of the regions seeing the most lithium mining exploration today.

All exploration companies come with risk, but also with the potential for high-multiple earnings for a major find.

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