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Reasons for the Recent Increase in Copper Prices

Copper price hits record high over $11,000 per ton

Traders worry about Cobre Panama mine closure’s long-term effects

China’s demand and speculation drive copper rally

The price of copper reached a record high this week, breaking the $11,000-per-ton mark for the first time ever. This surge follows predictions of a supply shortage, with financial speculators driving a significant rally in copper futures. The metal, essential for products like EV batteries and power lines, has become one of the top-performing commodities due to its role as an indicator of the global economy.

Is this rally a sign of confidence and more investment and manufacturing, or are there other reasons behind the recent rise in copper prices

Copper market experts believe the increase reflects real market changes but also includes speculation. Traders are worried about the effects of closing the Cobre Panama mine in South America.

The mine that started making copper in 2019 shut down due to protests about its environmental impact. The increase in copper demand from China, the top consumer of copper, is adding to worries about supply. But the recent rapid price rise is not because of these reasons. It’s due to two other factors.

Rise comes after longer-term growth

A copper bull trend started from 2016 to March 2020 due to its role in vital energy transition infrastructure and technologies. The price surged from $2-$3 per pound. Increased demand for electric vehicles and wind turbines continues to drive the copper price up, with no significant changes anticipated unless faced with a major setback or Chinese economic shock.

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